Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding My Balance

Ahh... I just completed my first workout since March. Yes, it has been that long, I am embarrassed to say. I'm frustrated that I was so determined to get back into running-- and then once I hit a wall (was sick for a good month and half) I stopped completely. Once I got healthy again, I allowed the excuse of life getting busy, which prevented me in achieving my physical goals of getting back into shape and discovering the joy of running again.

I hope that when the school year sets in this time, my priorities will be in the right place so that I can have some balance in my life. I don't want to get swept up by all the stress and chaos again-- I don't like feeling like a reed in the wind, swaying around aimlessly. I think in those un-balanced moments I start to lose my voice (in addition to other issues that are out of my hands)...

So, in order to get more balance in my life I've been working on the spiritual aspect first: devoting time before bed to reading the Bible and spending time in prayer. I'm using this Bible reading plan that's in a journal from a church I went to years ago. I read one chapter in the Gospel per day (just finished up the book of Matthew) and I also have chosen to read one Psalm per day along with that too. To remember what I've read I first read through God's Word and then after I'm done, I write down the verses that stand out to me. I feel grateful that I've started this reading plan- while I don't feel like I'm where I need to be with God... I'm getting somewhere and it has helped me through this situation that my extended family is going through.

The other part of a whole lifestyle is being physically healthy and fit. I felt like today was finally the day where I needed to start getting that piece back into the puzzle. Part of it is my desire to be healthy and also because it helps to fix some of my mental issues (I will be honest, I am very prone to anxiety). Plus, I do love being outside: I love being interactive with nature and greeting other individuals who are exercising too. It's very grounding to be connected to the present... the warm sticky summer air, the feeling of the hot sun beating down, the sounds of the birds (and yes, construction), seeing the trees blow in the breeze... very wonderful and humbling.

I feel confident that I will be able to have more staying power with this new outlook on my goals. Knowing myself, I am successful at following plans. For running, I'm doing a plan called "Couch to 5k" where it focuses on the amount of time versus mileage. The plan starts out gradually alternating between running and walking the first week; this plan builds on itself so that you're running a total of 30 minutes by the end of 9 weeks (3 days per week). Little side note: I did enjoy marking my completion of Day 1 on the plan! I love checking things off. :)

I'm happy that I'm making progress on myself again... I know that there are more areas to add on but for now I am just doing one piece at a time.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this. You sound confident and steady which is great to hear! And I'm glad you're getting back in the groove. Your Bible reading sounds awesome too---were you the one who I said I'd try to get a copy of the plan that my NB church follows? You sound well and I like that---and checking things off is always a nice goal. I'm planning on finally getting my running shoes on tomorrow too---definitely a nice refresher after this week. I have to wonder if Sarah and you can run together?