Monday, August 2, 2010

Ups and Downs

Don't ya just love days that start out fine and then turn sour?

Warning: It's a little "rambly"...

Today was my first official day working as an employee for Hallmark. I worked for a total of four hours (11am-3pm), though I wouldn't say I did much working. The first part of the day consisted of doing all the necessary paperwork (tax information, setting up the direct deposit etc...) and then reading the employee manual. Thankfully though, I am not the only new employee at the store. When I called my manager this morning to ask a few questions I received the wonderful news that another girl was hired too. So there was someone to chat with while doing the paperwork. Also, my nerves were quite a bit lessened knowing someone else was going through the process too.

Once we finished all of the "office-y" tasks we spent the rest of the time on the sales floor. The manager told us to roam the store for awhile in order to get familiar with the merchandise. For a good hour we roamed the store and tinkered with the cards, toys, books, jewelery, and other goodies. Later in the day, we did learn a good lesson about how to sort and process cards when the store gets a shipment. The other employee working showed us how to do all of that. It felt good to help get a task accomplished (though I'm sure we newbies slowed the girl down a little- glad she was patient!). The rest of the day was spent observing my manager at the cash register. Oh, I did have to answer the phone once though!

I think tomorrow will be more of a learning experience because the store manager will be around. I'm excited to get going on learning the cashier system. I want to learn it all now!

Ahhh.... Well, it was a good start to my new job. I am praising God for having it! I kept asking Him to give me a positive attitude about it regardless of what I would experience today. Thankfully, I was given patience for that part of the day.

Unfortunately, later this afternoon and evening my irritability set in rather strongly. I blame it all on the hormones that are raging through my body at this point in time. Not that it's an excuse, but I'm not usually this cranky or irritable on a non-hormonal day. With that said, I had to take care of loan entrance counseling this afternoon, which set me off in a bad direction. The thought of going into more debt (Pacific is $600 per grad credit) makes me flustered on any given day but today it just ticked me off even more. After completing the ever-so boring entrance counseling, I had to look over my financial aid "award" letter (ha- why do they call it that?) to see how much loan money I actually need. The good news is that I may be able to get by with the amount of the Subsidized Direct Loan. And there is a possibility of getting a P.E.O. loan at some point, which would have a much better interest rate.... Sooo there is some silver lining in that big black cloud.

The irritation only dragged on when my mom and I had to call about this medical bill we recently received. Turns out there was some miscommunication with my vehicle insurance and Providence-- this was from when I got in the accident almost a year ago. Providence failed to tell us about the whole situation and sent us a decent size bill instead. So now we have to bother the vehicle issuance and get that sorted out... blah blah blah. And we only have a month to get it sorted out because after a year, Providence doesn't allow changes or something. I don't remember what they said now. But it made me irritated, I'll tell you that.

So, here I am now with all these thoughts buzzing through my brain... Truthfully, I am thinking that God has been challenging me. I prayed the words of this Psalm about two nights ago, "May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to You, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer" (Psalm 19:14). I need to keep repeating this over and over and over and over...


Janelle said...

Now you have me a little concerned about the car accident... I wonder if I'm gonna get nailed with anything? I'm still working on closing my end of the deal. :-/

Have you thought about going through Grad. School slower (and maybe pay some out of pocket) to reduce debt? I know you just want to get it over with (I do too!), but it might be something to consider.

I think once you get settled into your job it will suit you well. :-) Praise God for His provision!

Angela said...

Sorry to make you feel concerned! I hope you won't be nailed with anything-- you shouldn't. But if there is an issue we'll deal with our car insurance for you!

As for school- I'm going fairly slow as it is (2 classes per term except for next summer). The problem with Pacific is that they only offer their foundational courses in the summer (so annoying!). And ya have to get a lot of those done in order to move on to the next part.

Yes, I do plan on paying some w/ out of pocket money. With having two jobs and about 3k of savings bonds I should be able to figure something out. The good news is that for these first two terms I can get by w/ the subsidized loan which is WAY better than the other kinds of loans.

I know it'll all work out but I just get so grumpy over it. lol

Amen :) So glad that He always provides!

Elizabeth said...

Yep, it's fun being an adult no? :)

Gal, I've got over $50,000 in grad school loans and I came out ahead as it should have been more. So many others are in the same boat. I'm hopeful that Pacific is helping provide scholarships or something so that your overall cost will be covered by the loans. That was the primary reason I went to Western was cause their tuition cost is so much less than a private school and I was able to survive on the loan amounts each semester/term. But it definitely is about budgeting and at looking at the overall picture before you start the term, etc.

Don't stress too much about the car/accident stuff. Everything will work out--it always does.

Glad the new job is starting out! Soon enough you'll know all the details and be in the midst, so take the time to enjoy these initial slow moments too.

Sending you a big hug today! Love ya!