Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mid-Week Update & Other Thoughts

"Then followed that beautiful season...Summer... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape...Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
--Harry Wadsworth Longfellow

This has been a pretty good week so far. I'm working Monday through Thursday (I took up an extra shift because one employee is sick). With the extra hours I have been getting, I will have worked 40 hours at the end of these two weeks- the 15th to the end of the month. That's going to be one nice pay check! I feel so blessed to have income this month.

Anyway, I guess I'm sort of in a "listing mood" these days... I feel like making another one today since it's kind of a combo-post (updating on different events of the week etc...). So here I go again, hope you enjoy:

--Forgot to post this picture of the crepe from Farmer's Market on Saturday. I just have to share it with you! This crepe is called Sweet Italy. Yum yum and yum...

--On Saturday Mom and I helped Uncle Tom in the rose garden (since my aunt has been down in Louisiana helping my Granny get back to health).

--Sunday; had the opportunity to take over the sick employee's shift but felt was more important to help in my aunt and uncle's garden instead (did get to take her Tuesday shift). I'm so glad I did too. Mom and I finished the rose garden, weeded and cut back the day lilies. Felt good to be productive and out in the sunshine! That's where I needed to be.

--Originally on Sunday I was going to spend some time with my friend Joy but her plans changed at last minute but it worked out for the best anyway. I am excited to hang out with her at some point!

--Bible Reading Plan Update: Will finish the chapter of Mark tonight and start Luke tomorrow. I have completed 43 days in the plan so far. There have been at least two days because I missed a night- so sometimes I double up. I'm really enjoying learning and reading more about God. :)

--The above reminds me... Sometimes I like to process my feelings and thoughts about what I read in the Bible on here. Yes, I do hope that I am being a witness to others too. However, my concern is that I don't want people to feel like I'm shoving God's Word down their throats- that is not an effective way to touch people's lives. My hope is that people see my reflections on God's word as being humble, encouraging and thought provoking. I am not ashamed of believing in Jesus.

--Couch to 5k Running Plan: Just completed two weeks of running today! Yay!

--My blog got a new follower yesterday- totally made my day! Thanks Nikki from Simple Living in a Big City for your comment. :) She found me through this other neat blog Down to Earth, which my cousin Simply Authentic introduced me to (confused yet? haha).

--Totally loving the summer weather we've been having. It was 90 + degrees yesterday (loved that the a/c never got turned on) and today it's pretty warm again. Yay! These are the days I'll think about when I'm freezing in the winter.

--I'll end with this picture of a delicious snack I had yesterday... organic strawberries from Farmer's Market and some sliced bananas. I love summer!


Janelle said...

I think that's really neat that you're reading through the Bible like that! I agree that we shouldn't be "shoving the Bible down people's throats," but sometimes it is necessary to be more direct in confronting people. The hard part is knowing when to use each method!

The food looks wonderful! I think I'm gonna go have lunch now. ;-)

~SHANNON~ said...

What a lovely blog you have! I am your newest follower! That picture of the crepe is haunting me though!! I really really want a taste! It looks soooo good!

Nice to meet you:)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, I found you through Nikki's blog! Congrats on the 2 weeks mark of C25K! I love that program!!

Elizabeth said...

Love this post lil cuz! I think you've got some wonderful thoughts here and I too love the food pictures. Makes me ready to move back to Oregon and indulge in all that organic, farmers market freshness! Glad you're meeting bloggy friends :) And I love that you're keeping balance--picking up the extra shifts but remembering to listen to your soul and take care of your needs too. Good habits to get in as you look toward working and heading back to school. Love ya gal and congrats on the running! Hope this week I can get back to my regular routine :)