Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

Not sure what form this entry will take but I felt like I needed to write today. I feel like I have a few random things to write about so a list sounds appropriate for all of that.

So... here is what is bumbling in my mind and the update on life as of recently:

--Got my first paycheck from Hallmark on Monday (yippie!)

--Am trying to be smart about budgeting my money. The money I'm budgeting for the next two months (September and October) is the paycheck amount plus money I had in my account prior to getting paid. My goal is to pay four bills with just using this money, which means I would be paying a total of two student loan bills and two 'other' bills. From what I budgeted, I will have a little less than a hundred dollars after paying these four bills. That gives me a little cushion for other expenses that I cannot plan at this point. When I get paid in two weeks, my goal is to put ALL of that money into my savings. Maybe I will use every other bill for two months of bill payments... we'll see though. I will also be able to substitute by the end of September- more so starting in October. I know that being reasonable with my money means that I will need to assess my goals and write everything down. Hope this will be a successful next few months financially. If you have any advice, let me know!

--Had the opportunity to thank a man in the Army yesterday at Hallmark. When I was finishing the transaction, I asked him if he had been overseas- he said he had a few times and now he was stationed here. I know this will sound silly but I was very nervous to talk to him. Something about uniforms! ;-) I also have a huge respect for those willing to put their lives on the line. That is a big decision, I just can't imagine what that's like.

--Since my work shifts are at funny times of the day I have had to keep myself busy up until it is my time to go to the store. My favorite productive activity is to de-clutter my room. I've been so tired having stuff that I don't need. I've gone through all of my clothes, confidential files, mail I received during my years of college, and other items. I currently have four paper bags full of stuff that I want to give away. There's also a large stack of papers that I need to shred. The other day I focused on the top shelf of my closet and it looks so much better-- it's also dusted and the cobwebs are gone! I reduced the amount of boxes of stuff and organized things I decided to keep. I'll really notice my improved room when I get rid of my giveaway bags. :)

-- Today I was sort of in a mood (a funk). I think it resulted in thinking and worrying too much, which wasn't necessary. I also just kind of felt spiritually frustrated and "blah." Kind of one of those days. The marine layer in the morning made the day feel weird too. Anyway... On a positive note, I'm thankful that I got to spend time with two of my good girl friends. I took a nice walk with Jennifer in the morning and then chatted with Janelle this afternoon on the deck. I feel very blessed to have been with those two- they brightened my mood and allowed me to process my thoughts. Thank you friends!

--Still praying for Granny... she's in the rehab center now. I hope she will continue to improve and that God will remove the hurdles out of the way.

-- Ah... now time to go to bed. I'm starting a new book tonight called In Her Shoes (Elizabeth sent it to me a few months ago). I saw the movie awhile back and enjoyed it; don't remember it very clearly however. I'm sure the book will be good too.

Hope that you all are having a blessed day... and if you're in a funk try writing about it, talking with your friends, listening to music, go for a walk or run, de-clutter or have some ice cream.... and breathe. ;-)

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