Sunday, August 22, 2010

Needs VS Wants

This weekend was full of materialistic temptations because we went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and then out to Fred Meyer that night. I had the strength to say no to one item that I really wanted and then couldn't resist with another. Go figure.

I was very tempted to buy peacock feathers at Farmer's Market and then a skirt at Fred Meyer. I ended up buying the skirt (which was on sale for $14.99 - used some graduation money for that at least).

Ironically, one item was cruelty-free (the peacock feather at the Farmer's Market) and the skirt... well, being the tag says "Made in China" more than likely it was made in not the greatest of conditions. Strange paradox huh?

I guess we can't be great all of the time... Honestly, I don't feel as bad as I sound on here but when you think about the big picture of an item it does make you cringe a little (well maybe not you). The only good part is once I'm done with the skirt someday I can give it away-- and it can be used for quite awhile. And yes, I will enjoy it... The skirt will also give me something more to wear with my leggings. Know I can't totally justify this purchase for what it represents but yeah... sometimes that darn 'want' takes over. Constant battle!
My thought process..

No: "I LOVE peacock feathers! They're from my favorite birds. But really, I don't need six feathers for five bucks...What would I do with them...?"

Yes: "I LOVE this skirt!! It is just the kind of skirt to go with my leggings AND its on SALE!"


Nikki said...

Great job! and thats a gorgeous skirt and awesome that it was on sale! I'm stopping by and following you from down to earth. I love living simply and I'm trying to find new ways of doing so! I hope you'll stop by!

Tigard said...

Hey time you see peacock feathers for $5 let me know. I am looking for some for the living room :). Glad you are getting a chance to pick up some hours.

Elizabeth said...

The skirt is cute and don't beat yourself up!