Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Grad School

Just wanted to report that I enjoyed my first class! I am also thrilled that we got let out an hour early tonight. haha

I am taking two ESOL Endorsement courses this semester. The ESOL Endorsement is the core subject for my Master's of Education degree. I am thankful that I am easing into the routine of school with these courses- I think I will be mainly working on this endorsement during this academic year (will double check that tomorrow; brain is shutting down for the night). In the summer I will start working on classes for the actual MEd.

Anyway... besides all of that not-too-thrilling information, I'm going to reiterate the 'thankful' aspect: I am thankful because it doesn't sound like these endorsement classes will be too rigorous. There will be a 10-15 page research paper in the course I'm taking on Tuesday nights, but that's still manageable in my opinion. I think back on those darn work samples (which were at least 70 pages!) and know that I'm capable of quite a bit. And anyone else that has earned their teaching license through the state of Oregon should understand...

I think the more I get into this routine, the more excited and accepting I will be of the Fall. Now that I have been to one class I'm curious as to what I will learn in the other on Thursday. I'm looking forward to meeting more fellow educators and possibly making some new friends.

This new transition should be a good one. Thank you Elizabeth for reminding me about all of those delightful moments of the Fall-- just the thought of pumpkin pie makes my mouth water. Yum! Know that I will soon be enjoying this other favorite season of mine. Just have to do that transition thing. ;-)

Hope you all are having a great day and a happy August 31st! Tomorrow we start the exciting month of September. Wow!


Janelle said...

Oo, I'm even more excited now! Can't wait for our study nights! :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

2Yay for great starts to school! I can't wait to start my master's!

Simply Authentic said...

Yea---glad it was a good first day into it. I seriously think you will enjoy the program. It's great to be surrounded with other like minded individuals. There will always be some that will be on another page, but you will have a great environment to grow as an educator and as an individual. I too hope you make some amazing friends out of all this process. You can definitely handle 10-15 pages--remember how you used to have to cut some of our papers down? And if you ever need editing, hit me up. Glad you're settling into this newness of September! Love ya!