Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 on Friday: 4 + 1 (Belated!)

I could have written my "5 on Friday" post yesterday but never got around to it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write in the afternoon and was far too distracted with updating my blog layout. Then I went out in the evening and didn't get back until late so I didn't bother to write. Oh well! ;-)

So here it is... This week I am writing about 4 blessings and I have 1 big announcement!

  • Ironically after venting my frustrations on Monday, I got a little break on Tuesday. Work didn't need me on Tuesday evening due to so many cancellations (last day of school for one of the big districts). So I enjoyed the evening and loved that I didn't have to go anywhere. Not great for money purposes but it's alright-- I'm thankful for the breather. :)
  • Had time this week to finish the amazing, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Wow! I love this book so much. I'm sad that my journey with the characters is over. I will admit, I did get a little choked up at the end. I love how Stockett described the setting in such detail, I got lost in the deep Southern world back in the 60's. My heart ached many times though- so sad what colored women (and men- this story is focused on women) experienced in those days. Yes, the book is fiction but it is based on history- the author did lots of research and also grew up during those times. She took a huge risk in writing in a black woman's voice but did an excellent job and know it was done respectfully. In addition to the difficult subject she wrote about, she also did a marvelous job showing the strength of the bonds between the women-- their friendship and how their connections helped them to overcome difficult challenges. It's amazing book and I highly suggest that you read it!
  • Went to my sister's boyfriend's graduation ceremony on Wednesday evening. I enjoyed hearing "Pomp & Circumstance" and seeing him in his cap and gown. Great ceremony and inspirational too. The principal at my alma mater is a wonderful individual- he was a teacher of mine when I attended there (6 years ago!). The motto for his class is, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau. I really like that and liked how the speeches were centered around that theme. Of course, who is going to remember that, I don't know. I know I don't remember much from my high school graduation besides feeling antsy for it to be over. I'm more appreciative of these events now, however.
  • Lil moments to myself when I'm out and about. Sometimes there is nothing like some good country music and driving around. I got Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" CD (yes an actual CD!) and I love it!
One Big Announcement
  • I recently received my passport and guess what I'm doing with it?!?! GOING TO COSTA RICA!!! Yes! This chick is going out of the country for the first time. :) In August, Mom and I will be going back with her exchange sister, Leonor (she stayed with my mom's family in high school). Leonor is coming here at the end of July for my Granny's 100th birthday party and then we'll be flying back with her on August 10th. We'll be in Costa Rica 10th-21st. I can't wait! 
Hope everyone had a delightful Friday! I had a great one! haha Happy Weekend!

P.S. Yes there are 5 items in this picture- one is more "symbolic"... the colorful pillow. I decided to use it to represent rest & relaxation. Plus, it provided a nice background for the other items!

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