Friday, June 10, 2011

5 on Friday: Seasonal Cold Survival Kit

Since I am almost over my little June cold, I thought it might be appropriate to write about the five "remedies" things that helped me get better. I tried making a collage with the pictures with a few different programs but they didn't turn out... so I'm just going to list them with a brief note. I'll try and get crafty later on! If only I was a Photoshop genius. *sigh*

  • Chicken Noodle Soup.. mmm... 

  • Tea-- at one point I almost lost my voice (due to subbing one afternoon) but thankfully the warm liquids did their trick.
  • Good quality tissues. Thank you Kleenex! When you have to blow your nose 9 million times (which I'm still not over this nasal stuff quite yet, darn it!), you need good tissues. Don't want to be blowing your nose with sandpaper, which ironically, is how the kleenex feels at the doctor's office. Oh, and technically this isn't really a "remedy" but it helped get me through this lovely experience...
  • Unnatural but oh so helpful, Alka Seltzer. Seriously did wonders for me at night- cleared up my sinuses and made me very sleepy. The drowsiness probably made me turn over less from side to side- I'm sure Cheese Puff appreciated that. ;-)
  • Now, for my favorite remedy: Cold Eeze! I started to feel questionable Friday (2nd) night and took one of these things. Then I had several of them throughout Saturday and know they made it so my cold didn't get any worse. Hey, it could be a placebo but it works. At least I know I'm not sucking on sugar cubes (even though they are not too bad for taste- the tropical fruit flavor is my favorite). :)
In addition to these big five, drinking plenty of fluids (water) and getting rest (don't think I did very well in that department- was fairly busy) are also important. Here's to hoping the cold bugs go away and you all stay healthy! Happy Friday too! Enjoy your weekend :-)
Note: I do not own any of these pictures nor take credit for them- I was lazy today and took them from the Internet. I Googled for each of these items. I don't remember all the websites I went to so hopefully this disclaimer is sufficient! 

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