Friday, June 24, 2011

5 on Friday: Lush Products

Earlier this week I went Lush (website) to get a few gifts for a friend's birthday. I enjoyed taking a little trip to NW Portland (23rd)-- I could have spent the whole day down there but I didn't have the time. So many great stores!

While I was shopping for the birthday gift, I had an opportunity to look at the products more closely. To this end, my "5 on Friday" is going to feature the 5 products I would like to try.

  • Each Peach (And Two's a Pair) -- Massage Bar
  • Vanilla Fountain  -- Bath Bomb 
  • You've Been Mangoed -- Bath Melt
  • Whoosh -- Shower Jelly (so cool!)
  • Orange Blossom -- Perfume (forgot to smell this one but it sounds delightful)
Okay so there are a lot more products than this that I would like to try! This is a good start though! I will have to go back again soon and pick one or two of these out to "test." 

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