Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Warm & Friendly Weekend Guest

Summer came to visit this weekend. She was a little unexpected in her arrival, but happily greeted by so many.

On Saturday, she came wearing a stunning dress fashioned with bright blue skies and a few wispy clouds. She came, of course, with that bright shining smile that radiates such warmth. Such a beauty.

She stayed through the night, her warmth held in by a thick layer of clouds-- like a big comforter covering the city. While Summer rested her eyes, her presence was still very known.

This morning we woke to Summer feeling a little lazy. She decided to stay in her bed of clouds much of the day, but yet she kept us all warm too with her dazzling personality. The day sort of paused-- winds did not knew not to bother her morning rest. She finally started coming to later on, allowing the slight breeze to tickle our feet.

We know her visits can be few and far between, so we prepared a little celebration in honor of her appearance today. Don't worry we dressed appropriately with t-shirts and shorts. ;-)

We got out the chairs for the front and back! (Yes we did apologize for our wintery welcome mat)
We planted flowers- of course, several more than this.
We opened the doors and windows to let Summer in.  This invited other unexpected guests to stop by....
Summer's warmth was such a gift- I was able to dry my clothes on the line.
Now Summer is about ready to depart... As she came in such a surprising manner, she may leave that way as well. After all, she doesn't like to be forgotten! Right now purple-ish and dark gray clouds are settling in all around...Will she go with the threat of a parting gift, the storm? Or will she go out with a big bang?

Please come again and soon! Stay for longer my friend, don't be a stranger.

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<3 Andrea <3 said...

You are an amazing writer. I loved this post! awesome imagery:)