Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help Wanted--A Blog By Any Other Name

Oh, I have been going back and forth these days on renaming my blog. I don't know what it is but I am in one of those, "I need to change something" moods and this blog is the what I'm focusing on. So... in between other thoughts in my mind, I have been mulling over new names.

I will say, I do like how I created "Cast and Catch" but 1) feel like it is hard to say and 2) it isn't representing me as much anymore.

Part of this need for a new name has come from the goals I have set for this year. I am trying to talk a little more about each of these along with teaching/educational topics and various personal thoughts/posts (hoping to also talk more about natural products etc...):
-- Faith
-- Finances
-- Giving
-- Personal Style
-- Health and fitness
-- Literacy (read more!)

Hm... What might be a better name?

Here is what I have created so far:
-- "Joy on Peacock Lane"
-- "Bursting to Bloom"
-- "Teal Colored Joy"
-- "Blue Feather Lane"
-- "Red Apple Highway"
*Joy comes from my middle name

.... Ahh... and a few others. I have gotten different kinds of feedback from friends on some of these names. The first one listed is a thought I had this morning, but I'll be honest, I love peacocks but wish 'cock' wasn't in the name. So, I might be back to the drawing board.

I would love any suggestions or advice! Maybe I shouldn't change the the blog name at all-- let me know!

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