Friday, February 3, 2012

FPC, Day 3: Hands

February Photo Challenge
Day 3

"Granny, let me take pictures of your hands!"
She ever so kindly rested them on our Christmasy (yes we're still using it!) tablecloth
Beautiful hands for a 100.5 year old huh?!

I was pretty busy today and didn't have time to take pictures until the evening. Sarah and I brought Granny to our house this afternoon, she'll be with us for the weekend. :) Tomorrow night we're having a lil family party to celebrate my birthday. The sunshine is expected to be here throughout the weekend. So happy!! Today was a gorgeous day... when we drove through the valley we could see lots of mountains. I love it when we have these clear days!

Happy Weekend!!

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Lauren said...

what pretty rings. She has nicer nails than I do! Have a good weekend/party.