Wednesday, February 1, 2012


That's how old I am today! The big 2-5. A whole quarter of a century. Sheesh.

I had a fairly low-key day which was just fine with me. Being that there was abundant sunshine made it an even better day. So good to see that bright stuff pouring through the windows. :)

I had to go to a class meeting tonight and got home about 7:30. Mom, Sarah, and I went to a wonderful bar and grill for dinner. We had a good time laughing about the interesting words on the menu. Who knew that foi gras ("fat liver") was a dessert item?!

Delicious salmon chowder - my choice
Apple Caramel Bread Pudding... Oh man. That was SO good!
Mom and Sarah got Creme Brulee for dessert
Opening my presents with the help of a lil miss
Party Animal #1
Big Party Animal #2 - he was quite intrigued with his (ahhemm) pink toy filled with catnip 
I liked my little celebration, a "quiet evening in Kensington Palace" (reference to someone there...). I'm looking forward to this weekend when we have Granny staying at our house!

Must get to bed, subbing for part of the day tomorrow. Happy February everyone!

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