Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Simple Substitute Outfit

I'm going out on a limb here and posting a picture of myself in an outfit! haha Didn't think I would do this till later, but I feel pleased with what I wore today-- it was fun for teaching, very comfortable, I received several compliments from students, and I even wore makeup along with it all!

Cardigan: H & M, recent purchase ($14.95)
Scarf: Fred Meyer's, gift from Mom for b-day
Underneath T-tshirt: White from Old Navy (old)
Slacks: Black from Old Navy (old)

Sis took this pic, she's a lil shorter than me-- as the camera angle shows.. haha

Earrings: from the Made in Oregon Store - I love jewelry there! Local and beautifully made. Lots of different jewelers to pick from :)

Teacher Angela learned this today (or was reminded of a few things)::
-- Kids notice EVERYTHING
-- Within a few minutes of seeing the kids, they commented on what I was wearing... recieved compliments on my earrings, my coat (a teal pea coat) and scarf.
-- One girl commented on that she liked my makeup
-- For this class, it is a good idea to keep them on their feet. Maybe I'll keep their attention better if I'm wearing interesting things. I felt really good with how I looked and confidence is important when you're a teacher!
-- I can make a great "don't you even think about it..." looks to kids when I wear good eye make up (haha!)
-- Putting together this outfit was super easy. It's not award worthy by any means but it is definitely an upgrade to my usual blah looks. Amazing what a scarf and makeup will do!
-- H & M rocks, I am so pleased with the quality of that cardigan

** With all this said, it's NOT all about the clothes and looks. I know I am yakking about that a lot these days but they are not what make a person truly successful. I think looking nice can gain one more respect and in the classroom, all eyes are on the teacher. I remember when I was in the 5th grade, I just loved my teacher and I loved the way she dressed. I was always interested in what she would wear each day. One of my favorite outfits of hers was a soft flowing matching top and bottom outfit. Both parts were light green and they fit her slender body beautifully and on the waist there was a bow-- think the top part kind of had that wrap look to it. I loved how my teacher looked so good each day, made her extra lovely. I even wrote a note in my journal one day complimenting her! She was a fantastic teacher and you could see her personality in everything she did-- the way she dressed and carried herself. 

I think dressing nice adds in that extra sensory element; it's good to be a visually appealing teacher. Besides, it's fun to surprise kids every now and then! :)

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Lauren said...

Nice outfit. I love those earrings. If you keep wearing scarves you should look up different ways to tie them. I watched a youtube video about different ways to tie a scarf and my life hasn't been the same since. You'll get lots of compliments.