Sunday, February 26, 2012

FPC, Day 26: Night

February Photo Challenge
Day 26

I wasn't sure what to do about the picture for today but then the thought came to me as I was watching the Oscars. Why not take a picture of my bed? It's something I look forward to pretty much every night.

Sunday has been a good one:
-- Slept in late around 9:30AM, snuggled up with my big Cheese Puff
-- Attempted to make waffles but they turned out so-so. Need to get a good recipe for ones made from scratch. Think I'll see if I can buy a mix from Bob's Red Mill.
-- Did a little cleaning to prepare for a fun visit from one of my dear cousins :)
-- Enjoyed chatting with my cousin for awhile and relaxing
-- Had some lunch, took a shower (yes moved super slow today, didn't get in the shower until about 2:30PM!)
-- Went off to the library to meet up with B and get some class work done
--Finished an assignment and got home around 6PM
-- Had dinner and watched the Oscars with Mom, Sarah and Coco Chanel on my lap
-- Watched an episode of "The Bob Newhart Show"
-- Took my picture for the day
-- And now I am about to brush my teeth and head to bed :)

Hope that you have all had a wonderful Sunday!!! Here's to hoping the week is one with lil joys!

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