Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendly Luncheon Outfit

I took Granny home this afternoon and then met up with my friend Andrea for lunch at Applebees. We hadn't seen each other for about 7 months!

Below you'll see my outfit and then a few pictures from today. It's been another glorious sunshiney Winter day!

Really wanted to make these pictures of me into a collage, but Picnik has removed that feature as it is closing in April 19th (really disappointed!!). Anyway.... I am wearing:

Sweater dress: Forever 21 (about 2 yrs old) *
Hidden item: Black t-shirt from F21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: LifeStride Yonkers from Famous Footwear (gift from I love these boots!)
Jewelry: H & M pink pearl earrings & an awesome coconut necklace from my Costa Rica trip

*I love this sweater dress but 1) it is pretty short so I don't feel comfortable wearing it for teaching-- though all parts of me are covered... 2) it is short sleeved -- would like to come up with other warm things than this cardigan.

However, this sweater dress has lots of accessory options... like I can wear a scarf with it, a variety of necklaces, and am considering using a belt with it sometime. I'll keep this clothing item for awhile!

On to the fun stuff:

A lunch/hang out tradition: we take pictures at the end. Some are normal and some are super, super silly! Love you Miss Andrea! (P.S. You can check out her awesome blog, Finding Happiness at Every Turn )


SimplyHeather said...

Your outfit looks really nice !! and it looks like you had a good time

Simply Authentic said...

Cute! You can always wear a long sleeve or two underneath it too if you're needing extra layers and don't want to do a sweater. And you should totally try the belt look. ;) Looks cute!