Friday, February 10, 2012

FPC, Day 10: Self Portrait

February Photo Challenge
Day 10
"Self Portrait"

Well, here I am on a Friday night after having two kinda nutty sub days! I will admit that (1) I put on makeup prior to taking the pictures (this was one of those roll out of bed days-- only had time for some mascara before heading out).... (2) my camera was all TOO nice in showing every blemish on my face so I decided to use my low-quality iPhone cam.... (3) even though I did the above two things, I still look tired. 

I am pleased  that I survived a day in which the teacher had warned me beforehand about the kids being a "little naughty" this week. I was also instructed to give a lecture on not using magnets as body decoration (lip and tongue rings) as older students in the school have been doing so. Unfortunately, I forgot to give this lecture as I was a bit caught up in taming about 25  young "beasts." haha 

I have to say though the highlight of my day was reading part of the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli. At one point he is describing a character, a little 6th grade girl who has blush on so dark it looks like a black eye and hair covered in white bows.. to the point he describes her looking like an old lady. Oh it is a hilarious! Totally caught me off guard and I got the case of the giggles. Kids thought it was pretty funny too! I had a hard time composing myself to keep reading the next few pages because I kept visualizing that character in my head... Spinelli is such a genius!

Happy Friday everyone!


Lauren said...

ooo, you'll learn quickly that when there is a full moon the kids, regardless of age, will miss-behave. multiply that by 20 when there is a substitute and by 100 if it's a Friday. I used my computer camera because I was afraid of what imperfections my nicer camera would find!


Angela said...


That is so funny you mention the Full Moon-- I thought I had written about that in my post but guess not. You are so right! The Full Moon does crazy things to kids (and my cats). Hope things will calm down now...

haha We had the same idea for taking our self-portrait. I just couldn't bare (ha a pun!) to use my 14meg cam... just too many details I didn't feel like showing!