Saturday, February 11, 2012

FPC, Day 11: Makes You Happy

February Photo Challenge
Day 11
"Makes You Happy"

 {beautiful sunsets}

Lots of things make me happy so it is hard to choose just one. Today was filled with little joys and these are the pictures I took. 

{time with special people in my life}In the morning I had to school for a class meeting that lasted several hours. Afterwards, I met B at the library so I could get some homework done (he did work stuff on his laptop-- I credit him for introducing me to this lovely library near home). Then we hung out for a bit once we were done, which was really relaxing.

On my way home I saw a colorful sunset. :)

After dinner, I had some tasty chocolate (ohhh how I LOVE chocolate) cookies that Mom and Sarah got from Costco.

Saturday has been a good one and I am ready for bed!

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