Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FPC, Day 28: Money

February Photo Challenge
Day 28

From August 2011 trip !
I totally had this idea yesterday but I couldn't find my Costa Rican money. I had no luck today either so I had to use my Mom's. I have to say, things like this make me a lil OCD. Drives me nuts that I can't find my money from the trip. I thought I put it away in a particular place but it is not there. Hm... After all that cleaning in January, you'd think I would know... but nope. I guess I will have to tear apart my room! haha Well, maybe. I am sure it will show up at some point but right now it is bugging me. Not because I have lost a thing but the principle of not knowing where something is. 

Anyway, doesn't Costa Rica have beautiful money?! I love the colors in these two bills. I am so glad I got the opportunity to go out of my country. I think that's something everyone should experience!

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